“I don’t click on Google Ads, why would anyone else?”

With nearly all of Google's advertising revenue coming from Pay Per Click , it seems fairly clear that some people do click on these adverts. So what does it take to build an effective campaign?



Mention Google AdWords to many people and this is the response you’re likely to get. Well sit back, relax, and let us tell you why Google Ads are so effective.

The Facts

Let’s ignore the anecdotal evidence like “Google ads receive around 30% of all search engine clicks” or “1 in 3 people can’t tell the difference between an organic and paid listing”. Let’s look at the facts. The majority of Google’s revenue every year comes from paid advertising. In fact in 2012, 97-98% of Google’s $40 billion turnover was from advertising. With nearly all of this advertising coming from the pay-per-click model whereby Google only make money when someone clicks on an ad, then it seems fairly clear that some people do click on these adverts.”But Google is just a money making machine, Google ads don’t actually work, right?”

While we’re in no position to comment on the morals of Google, we have run very successful large and small AdWords campaigns for many clients. It’s all about understanding how to run a campaign that meets your targets. We admit that Google AdWords does make it very easy for newbies to spend money on irrelevant visits. Defaults are often automatically set to broad match keywords and ads can be accidentally being shown on the Google Display Network as well as on search results, and then the cost can quickly escalate. However, when you have the expert understanding of AdWords that our paid search specialists do, successful and profitable campaigns can be achieved. Want some evidence? Take a look at our case studies here.

How Do We Run A Profitable AdWords Campaign?

Before you even begin your campaign, we ask you, “What is a sale/lead/visitor worth to you?” Paid search marketing campaigns are all about the numbers. Once we know what your profit margins are, or what an enquiry is worth then we can calculate how much you need to spend to make a strong return. We’ll then put a plan together to get your site there. There is no trickery in AdWords. only geek-ery. Our numbers-loving PPC team looks at cost per clicks, search volumes, expected click through rates, market trends, conversion rates and even more to establish how we can make your campaign work. If we don’t think it will work for some reason, we’ll let you know why and work with you to get your site or campaign to a point where AdWords will be profitable.

So if you’re ready to find out about the returns you could be getting from Google AdWords, give us a call today on 01603 340335 or email us at contact@fountainpartnership.co.uk.



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12 December 2014

By Marcus Hemsley

Marcus Hemsley

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