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LifeQuotes4U had previously run a Google AdWords campaign, but it had not produced profitable results. We identified that this was mainly due to the conversion rate of the website so our aim was to improve the site in order to decrease the cost per lead from paid search advertising.



We conducted a full audit of LifeQuotes4U’s existing landing page, and an analysis of the original AdWords campaign. This included analysis of historic data using third party software, and running a small trial campaign to analyse live visitor behaviour as well. We then created a succinct report using our 8-point conversion rate methodology, which has been compiled using strategies from the top 10 conversion optimisation companies in the world. The report detailed objective data showing where improvements were needed, with suggestions and wire-frames for a more effective page.

Our Paid Search team also completely restructured the AdWords campaign, starting off with a controlled, targeted campaign and scaling up as more data was gathered.


From the moment it was launched, the campaign delivered far more effective and profitable results. The new landing page and Google AdWords campaign have increased the conversion rate of the website by 118%, generating qualified and targeted life insurance leads in an extremely competitive market.

The bounce rate of paid non-brand traffic has also decreased by more than 17%, meaning that ad spend is being put to better use.

Service Breakdown

  •   CRO
  •   PPC

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