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How We Helped Camm & Hooper

  • 1,176% Return On Investment

  • 5% Website Conversion Rate

Banking Hall generated £32 million in enquiries from a total investment of £220,000

Camm & Hooper approached Fountain to sell high-end event space in central London. One of their new venues, the prestigious Banking Hall, was opening in mid 2014 and they needed online lead generation to help fill the space.

Stage one: Strategy

We started off by asking Camm & Hooper what success would look like for them? Specifically, how many customers did they want, and how much were they willing to pay for them? From these goals, Fountain looked into where the target audience for Banking Hall were online, and created a strategy to engage and then drive them to the Banking Hall website.

Stage two: Proof of Concept

While we were confident we had the right strategy for Banking Hall, we needed to test it to gather evidence and be certain. We entered into a three-month trial where we experimented with traffic sources, copy and conversion rate optimisation. Everything was tracked so we knew exactly what was working.

By the end of the trial we were generating leads from some of the largest corporations in London for just £80 per enquiry (this includes our management fee).

The value of these enquiries amounted to £4.5million – of which their sales team closed over £500,000.  This was from a total spend of just £20,000.

Stage three: Growth

Once we knew exactly what worked, we then ‘turned the tap on’ -increasing the volume of leads to meet Camm & Hooper’s growth targets.

Our three stage approach has enabled us to maximise profit for Camm & Hooper while minimising risk.

Today we’ve generated Camm & Hooper over £32million worth of enquiries, from an investment of £220K.  So far, £2.57million has come in as new business, giving them an ROI of 1,176%.

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Service Breakdown

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  •   SEO
  •   CRO
  •   GDN

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